RCD 40A 2p 30mA – FH202AC-40/0,03


ABB – Residual Current Devices (FH200)

Technical Data FH200
Standards IEC/EN 61008
Type (wave form of the earth leakage sensed) AC
Poles 2P, 4P
Rated current In 25, 40, 63 A
Rated sensitivity I∆n 30, 100, 300 mA
Rated voltage Ue 230/400 – 240/415 V
Insulation voltage Ui 500 V
Max. operating voltage of circuit test 254 V
Min. operating voltage of circuit test 110 V
Rated frequency 50..60 Hz
Dielectric test voltage at ind. freq. for 1 min. 2.5 kV
Mechanical features
Toggle BLACK sealable in ON-OFF position
Contact position indicator (CPI) not available
Ambient temperature (with daily average ≤ +35 °C) -5..+40 oC
Storage temperature -40…+70 oC
Terminal type Failsafe bi-directional cylinder-lift terminal
at top and bottom (shock protected)
Terminal size top/bottom for cable 25/25 mm2
Terminal size top/bottom for busbar 10/10 mm2
Tightening torque 2.8 N*m
Connection from top and bottom
Accessories mountability No