Digital Power Analyzer – DMG600


Lovato – Digital Power Analyzer – DMG600


The main features include an extended power
supply voltage range (100…440VAC), high
measurement accuracy (±0.5% for voltage and
current), expandability (using EXP modules) and
LCD interactive interface for simple use.
Main measurements and functions include:

  • Voltage: phase, line and system values
  • Current: phase values (neutral current
  • Power: apparent, active and reactive phase
    and total values
  • Power Factor per phase and total
  • Frequency of measured voltage value
  • HIGH-LOW-AVERAGE value functions for all measurements
  • Maximum demand of power and current values
  • Voltage and current asymmetry
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD): voltage and current
  • Display of voltage and current harmonics up to the 15th order
  • Energy meters for active, reactive,
    apparent partial and total values,
    per phase and system values
  • Hour counter for programmable
    total and partial hours
  • Phase active power unbalance.