Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

ABB Low voltage Air circuit-breakers – Emax2


SACE Emax 2 is a new series of low voltage air circuit-breakers up to 6300 A.
With the ability to efficiently and simply control electrical installations – from
the traditional to the more complex – with minimum impact, the new SACE
Emax 2 circuit-breakers represent the evolution of a circuit-breaker into a
Power Manager.

SACE Emax 2 air circuit-breakers have been designed to manage, with maximum efficiency, all low voltage electrical
installations: from industrial plants, naval applications, traditional and renewable power generation installations to buildings,
shopping centres, data centres and communication networks.
Achieving maximum efficiency of an electrical installation in order to reduce consumption and waste requires intelligent
management of power supplies and energy use. For this reason, the new technologies used in the SACE Emax 2 circuitbreakers allow the productivity and reliability of installations to be optimized, and at the same time, power consumption to be
reduced while fully respecting the environment.